Dr. D. Organizer/Rolling Tray/ Cannabis Pre Rolls


Epic rolling and cannabis organizer tray cut from a single billet of high grade aluminum. A fine piece for the connoisseur.


Unlike most rolling trays/ Cannabis Pre Rolls typically made from wood, plastic or sheet metal; the Dr. D. Rolling Tray is entirely made from a single CNC machined, solid block of aluminum. After machining it goes through an extensive hand polishing stage before it is coated in an anodize finish. These manufacturing aspects ensure this will be the last rolling tray you will ever need to buy. The tray, Cannabis Pre Rolls like all Dr. D. products, comes with a lifetime warranty. Outlined below are some of the design, innovation and functionality features of the Dr. D. Rolling Tray/ Cannabis Pre Rolls.

3/8 and 1/4 inch size holes to hold dab tools

Pre roll holder/ashtray

Bic and Clipper lighter holders

Standard and King size joint holder and paper holders

Grooves to lock in Dr. D. Grinder to allow for one handed grinding

V groove for forming papers

Aircraft grade aluminum

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