1Is your service legal?

Yes, our service is legal in the state of California as per the medical board of California (Telehealth and Medical Cannabis laws).

All our Doctors are:

  • Background checked
  • Do required Cannabis education course
  • Carry cannabis specific insurance
  • Have NO malpractice record
  • Only recommend cannabis via this platform. NO shady strip mall doctors giving narcotics out here!

2ID Cards?

ID cards are optional and can be ordered for $25 at any time by logging into your EazeMD account. The picture is taken from the photo ID you provide.

3When are doctors available?

Currently we have a doctor or doctors covering the service from 8am-10pm.

5Can I apply without a Californian I.D.?

Absolutely. The legal requirement is only that you be within the state of California when the doctor’s visit occurs.

6Do you provide 24/7 verification?

YES! Verification is provided 24/7 online at www.eaze.md/verify

7If I lose my Recommendation document, can I get a replacement?

Yes! Just call us at or email at and we will send you a replacement for $10.

Our email is Doctors@dondavidsonmd.com

8It has been more than 7 days after I was approved for my recommendation and I still don't have the hard copy– what do I do!?

Sometimes things get lost in the mail. Email us and our admin team will double check your address and mail you a replacement ASAP for free.

9Can I ship my card to another state?

Yes. During checkout, you will put in the address you want your recommendation shipped to. Shipping is not extra.

10Can I print and use the Digital (Temporary) version of my Recommendation immediately?

You can download the PDF version of your recommendation via the APP or at Eaze.MD on the web. CA state law doesn’t require an embossed seal on a doctor’s recommendation. That’s why you can use your temporary copy, but some dispensaries have their own rules, please find out if they accept digital copies. Or just simply use delivery services, they are more flexible about digital copies.

11How long does it take to receive my Recommendation?

Upon approval you will receive the PDF version of your recommendation instantly into your Eaze.MD account. You can download the rec from the APP or at Eaze.MD We send original copy of recommendation with an embossed seal the same day with free shipping, delivered in 3-5 business days. The recommendation comes out of our LA office.

12Will I be put on a government list?

No, that is a rumor. Your records stay in our HIPPA compliant servers.

13What is a medical marijuana doctor's recommendation?

A medical marijuana recommendation is a document that states that the specified person has a medical condition that adheres to qualifying conditions stated under the state of California under California Proposition 215.

A recommendation is not a prescription but is a document that is necessary to legally purchase cannabis in a state that allows for legal medical cannabis use.

14What am I able to do with a doctor's recommendation?

You will be legally able to visit a medical cannabis dispensary and purchase cannabis, or order delivery service from a dispensary.

15What is the difference between a doctor’s recommendation and an ID card?

The recommendation is the written piece of paper with an embossed seal that is given to you by the doctor if you are approved for the use of medical marijuana. The card is an easy to carry representation of the recommendation, but the card is not accepted at some dispensaries and for that reason Eaze.MD only sends out the original recommendation, not a mini rec/ID card.

16How much can I possess or grow?

Currently Bill SB420 states that a standard patient can grow up to 6 mature cannabis plants or 12 immature marijuana clones and possess 8 oz of cannabis.

17What is the difference between the prescription and recommendation?

A prescription is something that doctor prescribes to use for treatment an ailment. A recommendation is that doctor approves as an alternative treatment. A medical marijuana recommendation gives the right to purchase medical cannabis legally.

18What is Proposition 215?

The California Compassionate Use Act, was enacted by the voters and took effect on Nov. 6, 1996 as California Health & Safety Code 11362.5. This law makes it legal for patients and their designated primary caregivers to possess and cultivate marijuana for personal medical use once an approved recommendation is given by a California-licensed physician.

Bill SB420 is a legislative statute, that went into effect on January 1, 2004, denoted California H&SC 11362.7-.83. This law is broadened under Prop. 215 to cover transportation and other offenses in certain circumstances; it allows patients to form medical cultivation “collectives” or “cooperatives”; and establishes a voluntary state ID card system run through county health departments.

SB420 also establishes guideline limits on the amount of medical marijuana a patient can possess and cultivate. Legal patients who stay within the specified guidelines are normally protected from arrest.

19What offenses are covered?

Prop. 215 describes marijuana possession and cultivation relating to personal medical use under Health and Safety Codes 11357 (HSC) and 11358. Hashish and concentrated cannabis, including edibles, are also included under HSC 11357a.
Transportation of medical marijuana (HSC 11360) is allowed by a bona fide collective or caregiver by court decision.
SB 20 provides for protection against charges of possession for sale (11359), transportation, charity, furnishing, providing or leasing space for distribution of a controlled substance (11366.5, 11570) among other areas (11360)

20What is HIPAA Compliance?

Eaze.MD is a HIPAA compliant service.

This means we meet or exceed all federal requirements for protecting Patient Health Information (PHI) under the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

21How do I Pay for the service?

We accept all major Credit/Debit cards. We do not accept check or cash payments.

We do not accept any form of medical insurance. Credit card payment is protected with the highest form of internet security using online SSL security certificate. With this system, no one can access your credit card information.

22Will I need to renew my medical marijuana doctor's recommendation?

Yes, recommendations must be renewed annually.

We will contact you automatically prior to expiration and give you the option to renew your recommendation.

23How does it work? Can you tell me about your service?

To get your recommendation you have to sign up on our website Eaze.MD or with the APP on your smart phone and fill out the online application. A doctor will review your case with you in 10-20 minutes. If you are approved, you will receive a virtual copy of your Medical Cannabis Recommendation in your Eaze.MD account which can be downloaded by the APP or via Eaze.MD The physical copy is sent by mail from LA and arrives in 3-5 days. Our documents are accepted in all dispensaries in California. The whole process is very simple, you will love it.

24Will my insurance cover any costs?

Unfortunately, health insurance providers are not mandated to cover medical cannabis expenses at this time.

25How should medical cannabis be consumed?

Please see our article on the healthy ways to use Cannabis.

26How do I find my ideal cannabinoid ratio?

The research seems to point that both THC and CBD can have important health benefits. The take away point is that blend of both may work best. Further trials will have to be done to see which ratios are most effective.

27How much cannabis should I buy for my first-time?

The best answer to this questions is a very small amount and then wait until the time of onset has occurred before consuming more– for example if you vaporize and inhale one puff of marijuana you should wait 20 minutes and evaluate how you feel before consuming more.

29What are ‘Edibles’?

Please see our cannabis 101 guide.

31Can I travel on an airplane with legal medical marijuana?

Interstate travel, even between two states which permit medical marijuana, is not suggested, although an official letter from a TSA representative advises that patients contact relevant local or state police agencies (at both the place of departure and arrival). Patients travelling with marijuana do so at their own risk.

Intrastate travel may be ok, however TSA agents cannot verify a recommendation and are required to contact police.

32What is Organic and Hydroponic Medical Marijuana ?

Many strains of marijuana, edibles, extracts and other types of alternative medication are produced in organic form. They contain no chemicals additives and are produced under strict guidelines.

33What about hash and oils containing marijuana?

Marijuana extracts such as kief (screen-sifted trichomes) and hashish (dense, highly-concentrated THC) are sold at almost every dispensary. These extracts are available in many forms including hash oils that can be 99% pure THC.