Cannabis and the Brain

Cannabis damaging the human brain is a myth peddled since 1937 by those using cannabis as a vehicle to crack down on the left leaning members of society. Ridiculous studies were publicized by right wing drug warriors to demonize cannabis. Examples of these twisted studies used to lie to Americans are:

1974 – Senator James Eastland, a racist mississippi democrat, convened hearings titled “Marijuana-Hashish Epidemic and its Impact on US Security”. According to Eastland subversive groups spread the epidemic from the University of Berkeley. If marijuana culture was not crushed Eastland spouted the lack of morals and hedonism would destroy society. The hearings were designed to refute the Shafer Commission (a scientific report that found no damage from cannabis) and only interviewed people that had terrible things to say such as: brain damage, DNA damage, obesity, sterility, and that cannabis was a gateway drug. The hearings peddled the later discredited research of Dr. Nahas of Columbia who cited cellular damage from cannabis and brain damage. Nahas was later slammed by the New England Journal of Medicine for poor methods.

1974 – Dr. Heath of Tulane University (who previously had worked for the CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind control research program) does a shitty experiment where he put gas masks on rhesus monkeys and pumped 63 joints worth of cannabis smoke into the masks within 5 minutes. The resulting brain damage from carbon monoxide and suffocation was falsely attributed to cannabis by the corrupt Heath.

More recent studies such as these show no brain damage from cannabis:


Harvard Psychiatrist Dr. Grinspoon says this:

“There is evidence that the brain is still developing until about 21.” Synapses and myelin sheaths (insulation) may still be forming. Unused neural pathways are still being pruned into the 20s. But I have seen no evidence that marijuana is causing harm, in contrast to alcohol, which is a proven neurotoxin. The whole question of ‘underage smoking’ has to be viewed in the context of alcohol, which is the college kids’ alternative to marijuana.”

Remember some sobering facts:

“Persons under 21 comprise 40% to 50% of all marijuana possession arrests,” according to Mike Males of the Center for Juvenile Criminal Justice.

Under-21 Prohibition means that the power of the drug police will be focused on young adults with no scientific basis for such persecution, wasted tax payer dollars and injured lives of our youth from arrest.

What we should actually be doing is what the science shows – and that is making cannabis available to those 18 and over. The truth is America has a raging alcohol problem on college campuses and an insanely high number of Americans on anti depressants and xanax.

Doctors approving 18-21 year olds for xanax and anti depressants with much more serious side effects than cannabis should be required to approve cannabis.

Students 18-21 should substitute cannabis for alcohol – Cannabis is a much healthier choice than alcohol.