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CBD and Epilepsy Update

Dr. D. what research supports CBD for epilepsy? Studies of Cannabidiol on seizure control encompass animal models, longitudinal observational studies, case series and currently randomized double-blinded placebo-controlled clinical trials. Mechanisms by which cannabidiol works Endocannabinoids are increased as a result of hyperexcitability in the nervous system. CBD can regulate intracellular calcium during hyperexcitability states in […]

Cannabis history with Dr. D. – 1500 to present day

  Psychoactive strains of cannabis were native to Africa, while non-psychoactive hemp grew in Europe. African Slaves brought the seeds for the psychoactive variety to South America, where they grew the herb along side the sugar cane. From South America Cannabis smoking spread spread up through Mexico, into the USA and around the globe. Science […]