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Vape Pen and Concentrate Safety

Here are several peer reviewed sources which support using vape cartridges and products free of thinning agents like propylene glycol. Also understand while black market products could be cheaper, there is a VERY high degree of pesticide contamination and potential carcinogenic thinning agents used in unverified products. The study below found a relationship between PEG […]

Can cannabis help in Anorexia Nervosa?

Anorexia Nervosa is a potentially life threatening eating disorder defined by restricted food intake, self starvation and excessive weight loss. Other problems such as anxiety, binge eating and distorted body self-perception also comingle. Cannabis’ effect as an appetite stimulant and anxiolytic may help some patients with anorexia and should be considered as an adjuvant to traditional therapy. […]

Did someone say LA steakhouses? Dr. D and his friend investigate!

In this article my trusty lady friend Claire and I made forays into 4 “hip” LA steak houses and here are the most important findings! STK BOA Mastro’s Taylor’s STK Go if you want to damage your ossicles! The factor which immediately made STK our least favorite was how absolutely ridiculously loud the music is […]

Learn to screen out problem people, including people that don’t like you!

You will never find the men and women that are repeatedly successful with great people talking about problems with others all the time. WHY? Because they don’t see these problems or simply never have to deal with the bad apples, at least not for very long. There is a reason, it is not coincidence, Dear […]

Are your physical activities making you a more attractive individual?

Creating a lifestyle that is healthy AND attractive to people is very important. On that note physical fitness ranks high as a quality one should look for in people you deal with. Are the people you are letting into your life setting themselves up for a long and healthy life and do they respect their […]